Blink Machines: the innovation continues with the applicators.

Our range of automatic shrink sleeve applicators is continuously expanded and updated with new types of application.
Blink Machines constantly improve the machines to increase production speed, optimize resources and to raise the quality of production. We do this thanks to our customers and to the inputs that they provide every day.

cut and application

Machines to apply the sleeve.

In Blink Machines we design and build various type of sleeve applicators, like: intermittence, linear and rotary.
The sleeve applicators with intermittently motion are suggested for particular application at slow speed, like partial sleeve and warranty seal. Also they can work containers with particularly irregular shapes. The linear sleeve applicators allow to reach high production speeds and allow at the same time to apply security seals, low partial sleeve and full body. The labeling system with rotary motion are way more flexible, because they are capable of doing all the types of application, seal, partial and total.
All our machines are designed to allow a quick format change, so reducing downtime between a change of production to another. The format change consists of a forming tube for the sleeve and all the elements for moving the product that need to be processed.

Designed to fulfill the needs of the client.

Today we offer various types of sleeve applicator, automatic and semi-automatic. The monoblock, linear or rotary, are designed based on the needs of customers to get all the information necessary to ensure the full productivity and maximum efficiency.
These machines are suitable for various industries such as beverage, pharmaceutical, wine and cosmetics. They are designed for total sleeve label applications, security seals, couplings and many other upon customer request.

We continue to improve our products with the inputs that our customers provide us every day.

The reliability of our products.

Features that differentiate these sleeve applicators in the market are the high quality of materials and our professionalism, born from many years of industry experience and production know of our customers.
Not only that: the mechanical or electronic sleeve cutting devices, single blade or multi-blade, in addition to the efficient organization of machinery and complete plants, are guarantees of excellent functionality, accuracy and reliability.


Total body sleeve
Partial bottom sleeve
Partial middle sleeve
Partial high sleeve
Tamper evident seal
Multipack sleeve


Discover in details our sleeve applicators: contact us and we’ll provide you a personalized advice.