Blink Machines complete lines.

The experience of Blink in unstacking, sleeve application and stacking gives a complete answer to the most demanding industries (including the beverage and the dairyman) through complete installations.

Custom made complete plants.

The installation sequence of these machines, designed and manufactured by our company, gives life to a fully synchronized system, which enables the customization of the neutral product by applying sleeve automatically and also fully managed by a single operator.
Each complete plant, in fact, is provided with a general command station for the total management of the devices.

After a careful consideration of the production reality of the client, we offer a complete implant suited for his needs, to improve the volume and the quality of work.

The construction after careful analysis.

Thanks to their versatility, our implants can be installed in spaces with variable dimensions and geometries.
Per questo in Blink Machines make an inspection, after this we can study the suitable layout for the available space in customer companies, without affecting the functionality of the systems.

The innovation at the service of the production.

With our experience and knowledge of the market, many customers have chosen our complete lines to replace their old systems or implement, in order to increase production and quality, reducing time.
The market, in fact, requires us higher speed: so we design and build complete systems with the most advanced technologies.

complete system


Blink implant with linear sleeve applicator suited to work standard products. Blink implant with rotary sleeve applicator suited to work all kind of products. Blink implant with sleeve application monoblock and stacking/unstacking phases.
  • • Linear sleeve applicator BKS200;
  • • Shrinking tunnel BKT2L;
  • • Automatic sleeve reel warehouse;
  • • Steam generator (optional).
  • • Rotary sleeve applicator BKS300;
  • • Shrinking tunnel BKT3L;
  • • Automatic sleeve reel warehouse.
  • • Automatic monoblock for unstacking and sleeve application BKS500;
  • • Shrinking tunnel BKT3L;
  • • Dry tunnel BKA2;
  • • Stacker device BKI102;
  • • Automatic load/unload magazine and sleeve reel warehouse.


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about our complete implant suited for the sleeve application, contact Blink Machines!