Destackers: productive organization.

Blink Machines design and build unstackers for trays and glasses, round or shaped, and other containers. The unstacking unit, coupled with a system for loading the neutral product, in vertical or horizontal version, allows customers to make this operation completely automatic. Each unstacker is equipped with electronic management, which makes easier the control of the system by the operator and consequently reduce the time of production, minimizing downtime. In addition, Blink format change system, quick and easy thanks to specific accessories, make it a fast and intuitive operation.

destackers for trays

For each product the optimal de-stacking.

We offer a wide range of unstackers, horizontal and vertical, linear and rotary. Each system is designed on the basis of the forms and materials of the products to be processed.
Each unstacking head with augers or pneumatic handling is available with self-centering or self-regulation system. The electronic management of each unstacker helps the operator in every aspect: the control panel is present in the simple vertical systems and in the unstacking monoblock with rotary heads designed for high speed.
A product deposit system maneuver the containers on a vacuum table and at constant pitch, thereby facilitating a subsequent use of the un-stacked products.

We designed machines that organize easily and better the production system of our customers.




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