Blink Machines: the future is sleeve.

Blink machines is a young company, formed by a team with years of experience in the mechanical, electronic and packaging sector.
Enthusiast and curious to experiment with new technology, we constantly invest in research and development to compete in an ever-changing market.
We offer an astonishing quality and we daily update our offer, coming up with new technologies.

Our production satisfies, in every respect, the sleeve application with a wide range of applicators (sleeving machines), shrink tunnels, destackers, stackers and complete plants.
Our sector ranges from food, pharmaceutical, enogastronomic and chemical-cosmetic industries. Quality and precision make the true difference; Blink guarantees these features in all the machined products, thus ensuring to the ultimate costumer and eye-catching product with a sure visual impact.

Meeting with innovation.

Thanks to the collaboration with the client, that constantly update us on the installed equipment, we keep studying technical updates to increase the production speed, preserving reliability, precision, safety and keeping pace with the market innovation.
We use the latest technologies available in the world of mechanical and packaging, to make our machines more and more simple and efficient, even improving them in quality.

We want to differentiate ourselves from competitors through the quality of our products and the use of the best technology for better production. Blink Machines look to the future.

Our job.

Customer satisfaction is our mission; therefore, the engineering and R&D department are constantly adopting the best possible solution to meet the demands of a constantly evolving market. All stages of production, from 3D CAD design to the final assembly, are performed in Blink by specialized technicians working in complete synergy with the customer requests. Blink's flexibility is due to the ability to adopt new cutting-edge solutions in an industry where "passion and innovation” are our "Leitmotiv". Many of our projects are covered by a patent; Blink guarantees innovative and customized solutions for each customer. All of our installations are finally managed and maintained by Blink, which guarantees post-warranty assistance, training for operators and spare parts.

If you seek the right solution for your business,
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Our clients.

We work to become a benchmark for the clients that already work in the sector and want to develop new articles with the application of heat shrink sleeve. We are also unique referents for people who are the first time in this area and look for professionals who, in addition to selling the product, offer the opportunity to try it through a sample and take a comprehensive advice, with tips to start in the best way to industrialization of the product.
Our technologies are applied mainly in the food and beverage, wine, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.
Starting from the neutral product and the graphic, the client expose us his objective. Blink Machines offer the type of application and the appropriate facility, and we endure with prototyping, to effectively examine the solution with the customer.