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In Blink Machine we also build optional items, that customers can choose to add to their machines or inside of a complete plant.

The devices that client request us.

The optional items that we design and build for the client are the product load magazine, product unload magazine, sleeve reel magazine with one or two reels and the sleeve reel magazine with multi-reel automatic change.

optional items

After a careful analysis of the productive reality of the client, we find the right solution to make it more efficient.

Solutions for every needs.

Among the available accessories we also offer horizontal and vertical drilling device, marking heads in inkjet, sleeve adjustment device and control stations with expulsion of defective product.
We also build accumulation plans, fixed or rotary, and additional drying tunnel, ideal for specific production needs of customers.

Product loading magazine

Made in stainless steel, with dimension designed to be placed in any kind of ambient, these magazine guarantees precision and reliability.
The machine feed systems with the load of the neutral product in vertical or horizontal way give a true completion of the implant. Every load magazine is designed and sized according to the specific shapes of the products and to the needs of job autonomy.

product loading magazine

Product unloading magazine

These magazines can be realized both horizontal and vertical, with custom dimension and tailored for any working place. Also made in stainless steel.

product unloading magazine

Sleeve reel magazine

These magazines are designed to be produced in two versions, single or double reel. Both can be made to be placed on the right or the left of the sleeve machine. They guarantee a high precision and velocity in the unwinding process of the sleeve, in any use situation.

sleeve reel magazine


Blink Machines respond always to needs and challenges in production. Where the client present difficulties in the installation of the shrink tunnel because he lacks a dedicated steam generator, we propose them for every needs.
Available gas or electric for the production of steam, with various dimensions and production capacity. The steam generator can be installed directly on the tunnel or near the production line.

steam generators blink machines


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