Sleeve: the packaging innovation and recyclable advertising.

The sleeve is shrink label is supplied in a tubular reel of PET, OPS or other materials: a refined product customization, innovative and recyclable, to dress tailored various types of containers, such as bottles, jars, tins, cans, tubs, bowls and many more.
The sleeve applicator cut and place the heat-shrinkable film, on the neutral product, and then subjecting it to a heat source through a shrink tunnel and cause it to adhere completely to the container.

sleeve products

The basics of the application of sleeves.

The neutral container (which can be in various materials like glass, paper, plastic and etc.) slide on a conveyor belt until it arrives to the sleeve applicator. Reached in axis with the head of the application, the sleeve portion, previously measured and cut, is fired on the container through rubber rollers which rotate at a controlled speed.

The shrink tunnel.

When the container exits from the applicator it enters in the shrinking tunnel, steam or hot air, where the thermos-shrink sleeve label adhere perfectly to the product.


Steam or hot air?

The decision to use steam or hot air for shrinking depends on several aspects such as the availability of steam systems in place. In the absence of these, Blink Machines offers heat shrink tunnels joined with the appropriate steam generators. One of the advantages of the steam is the much wider management application, which consists in a greater range of sleeve material to be used and a qualitatively excellent efficiency even in the more complex applications.
The hot air is an alternative, ideal for containers with simple shapes, warranty seals or in cases where it is necessary to work in the absence of moisture.

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