Stackers: reordering technology.

To meet the needs of reorganization of various containers, such as trays and glasses, round or shaped, we offer restacking systems, designed and manufactured in compliance with the essential parameters such as versatility, for an immediate response to the continuing evolution of the product design. Each product to be stacked needs a gentle treatment: for this use in Blink Machines components and materials adequate to maintain product integrity.

The stacking system is accurate, fast and easy size change, in so doing decreasing the setting times of the machine and the entire production.
Conjoint pans

The restacking procedure.

Each block is provided with a dual auger system for the spacing of the containers, came from a conveyor belt.
The collection devices, with vertical movement or through a aspirated rotary drum, perform an operation of unstacking, placing the containers in one another in a continuous motion.

The final count of the file.

The completion of the reordering system is accomplished with the counting and separation of the complete line of the finished products.
The composition of the complete row, the quantity of which complies with the value set by the operator, is realized through a counting system with a double auger or by a fiber optic sensing.

touch screen Blink machines

The exhaust system.

As for unstacking, a touch screen panel allows the operator a complete management of all operations related to the monoblock: input signals, management formats and managing deposits on exhaust warehouses.
To complete the stacker is possible, through the automatic storage of previously rows of stacked products, combine multiple vertical or horizontal discharge systems, where the operator can easily pick up the products to be packaged, or totally automate the operation through one of automatic packaging systems made by Blink.


The monoblock for stacking and storing coffee capsules.

Velocity and precision in only one machine.

multicaps 1000

Multicaps 1000, is the monoblock machine with a production speed of 1000 pieces per minute, made by Blink Machines, for stacking and boxing of coffee capsules

Designed with the objective of optimize time, increasing production speed, reducing the overall space occupied, this machine is made for stacking and boxing coffee capsules, and similar sized products. Fast and efficient, Multicaps 1000, guaranties a boxing velocity up to 1000 pieces at minute with a stacking method patented by Blink Machines.
With this technology, Blink machine is capable of doing up to 2000 pieces per minute.




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