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The sleeve Application Systems are suitable for different commercial sectors

There are many sectors that use Blink machinery for the body sleeve. The Customer, when a product is ready to be presented on the market, can adopt the sleeve application to attract the attention, or it can be used also for safety and hygienic requirement.

settore alimentare


The sleeve application on food sector is essential: it help the final consumer on the choice of product thanks to the increasingly attractive graphics.

Oil bottles, yogurt cups, packs of candies or chocolates and ricotta trays, are just some of the products that you can find covered with our Machines.

settore alimentare
settore beverage


On beverage sector, a customized packaging can guarantee the sale success. Our machinery satisfy also the most particular request. For each shape, its sleeve: wine bottles, spirits, beer; but also fruit juices, tea and soft drinks.

With the Cluster Machines it will be the possibility to make a customized packaging with carton for the bottle coupling.

settore beverage
settore igiene e cosmesi

Hygiene and Cosmetic

Nowadays you can find on the market the promotional packaging with the product coupling dedicated to the hygiene and well-being of the person. Blink machinery are suitable for the single or multi-packaging.

The cosmetic sector request also total body application, as for example shower gel, body creams or sunscreens. Another cosmetic sector that adopt the sleeve is for the beauty products: lipsticks, lip glosses, rimmel or mascara.

settore igiene e cosmesi
settore casa e giardino

Home and

For the gardening sector and the hygiene of the house it is studied the perfect packaging for the products that come-out on the market. The final product image determines the consumer preference.

In this sector, the sleeve application is indispensable for a complete presentation of the product: dishwashing detergents, fertilizer for gardens or flowers, floor cleaners and much more.

settore casa e giardino
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