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The automated unscramble of containers

The stacking machines made by Blink Machines are realized to optimize the work of products reordering and with the benefit to decrease production times.

Discover the Stackers:

impilatore per vaschette
impilatore per vaschette
impilatore cialde caffè
impilatore cialde caffè

Stackers for cups

The stacking system is precise, fast and easy also for the format change-over. Each product to be stacked needs the suitable treatment: for this reason, Blink adopts the best components to guarantee a final product of very high quality.

Machine for the automatic stacking and boxing of coffee capsules

Multicaps, is the machine with a production speed of 1.000 pcs/min., designed by Blink Machines, for the automatic stacking and boxing of coffee capsules. Realized with the target to optimize the production times, this System born to stack and insert in the boxes the coffee capsules or similar formats. Thanks to this Stacking System patented by Blink, Multicaps can achieve a production speed up to 2.000 pcs/min.

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The technology of Stacking Systems

  • Independent conveyor: for the product transport until the stacker with possibility of speed regulation;
  • Double spiral screw System: for the product spacing before stacking process;
  • Pick up System: for the product stacking through rotating device with a vacuum system or a motorized vertical movement;
  • Counting process: made by two spiral screws and a laser photocell for the counting confirmation.


A Touch Screen Panel allows a complete management of all machine operations:

  • Input signals;
  • Formats management;
  • Cups deposit management on unloading warehouse.

After the Stacking Unit, Blink also realized an automatic boxing process to insert the stacked coffee capsules and similar formats, directly inside the boxes, without any need of operator presence.

The Stacking Systems are designed with specific features to be able to work with each type of cups.

Every Stacking Machine can be integrated on Sleeve Applicator for cups.

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