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The Shrink Tunnel are machines designed by Blink to adhere the sleeve to any type of container. The shrinking labels can be positioned through the Steam Shrink Tunnel or the Hot Air Shrink Tunnel.

All the solutions proposed by Blink are made in stainless steel with complete insulation and doors with safety tempered glass for the view of the internal process.

Steam Shrink Tunnel

The Steam Shrinking System can be available in different lengths, depending on the speed production and product dimension. The Steam Tunnel can shrinks each type of sleeve label on each type of container. The steam diffusion is controlled on each room through electronic regulation. It is possible to adjust the steam diffusers on each room from the external manual regulators, to avoid the interruption of the process. Blink guarantees the reduction of the steam consumption thanks to the high quality of its components.

In combination with the Steam Shrink Tunnel, Blink also designed the Drying Tunnel to eliminate the condensation from the product and UV Stations.

Hot Air Shrink Tunnel

The Electric Tunnel made by infrared lamps and hot air blowers are studied to satisfy the Customer needs when it is impossible adopt the steam technology due to the type of processing or the working area.
The hot air shrinking is also suggested for the warranty seal application. The length of the tunnel can be customized according to the needs established by the production.

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The technology of Blink Systems

Every Shrink Tunnel is provided of a management panel, where the operator can manage temperature, pressure, and suction of each single room.

The quantity of steam diffusion can be regulated for each module through the activation of modulating valves electronically controlled.

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