Tailored solutions

Not just sleeve.
Blink Machines designs and builds machinery for any production needs by collaborating with the customer in order to guarantee their satisfaction.

Our peculiarity resides in the continuous search and development; innovation is a continuous stimulus to us for improvement. We adopt guaranteed technical solutions that allow us quality and reliability over time.
promotional cockade

Cockade Machines

An example are the “Cockade Machines”, Machines used for the addition of a promotional cockade, of various shape and materials, chose by the client, or to make couplings, always for commercial purpose.


finished product
finished product
finished product
finished product
finished product
finished product

Caps Application Machines

Another example is the "Caps Application Machines". This multiformed system has been designed to automate screwing of plastic tubes and caps for various cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. The peculiarity of this equipment is the working speed (over 80 pairs per minute) and the speed in the format change. This machine can pair over 20 cap types on different tube sizes.


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